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Rescue dogs


For those needing a second chance, a little bit of time and extra care is needed to help them get going.

It is hugely rewarding giving a dog a second chance, but it takes a lot of time and research to make sure you give your new dog the best possible training and care. One thing that often gets forgotten when you are tied up in house training and socialising your dog is that it is really important that your dog knows how to chew.

Sadly some rescue dogs don’t know how to chew, their previous owner may not have given them chew toys and positive training, or they may have been punished for chewing something they shouldn’t have- putting them off from chewing anything.

Chewing is really good for your adult dog because...

  • It’s great for dental health
  • It gives your dog a good workout, keeping them occupied
  • It’s great for mental stimulation

Introduce your dog to chewing with Nylabone

Nylabone chews come in all different shapes, sizes and strengths and are flavoured throughout, so will not lick off and will last the life time of the chew.  There are so many flavours available your dog will be spoiled for choice.

For help on ‘Selecting the right chew for you’ see our helpful product guide or use the Nylabone product finder.

If your dog is not showing any interest in his new chew toy, pretend you love his bone! You can do this by carrying it around the house with you, keeping it on the dining room table near your dinner plate, or putting it in your bag.

By doing this, you will make it seem like the chew toy is yours and make it appear more “forbidden” to him, which of course is appealing!

Teaching your rescue dog to chew can also be the start of introducing him to playtime, which will come naturally as your confidence grows in each other. Many rescue dogs have not had the best start to life and play has not been on their agenda.  Build time into your routine for games, providing enjoyment and mental stimulation, it also increases the bond between you and is a great way to keep both of you fit!

If your dog does know how to chew (maybe a little too much!) we may have just the advice you are looking for:

When you are at your wits end because your rescue dog has chewed up yet another shoe remember dogs are not naughty by nature. Spend some time finding out why your dog is chewing, make some changes and introduce chew toys for him to satisfy his natural instinct to chew.

Your dog could be chewing for many reasons, and until you get to know him it can be hard to work out why.


Here are the top 3 reasons an adult dog chews:


Your dog may be craving physical exercise and mental stimulation, and the only way he knows how to meet his own needs is by gnawing anything he can get his paws on!

If you think this could be the reason that your rescue dog is chewing, spend some time reviewing the routine you have with him and make sure he has plenty of toys to keep him entertained.


Dogs need to be taught good from bad, just as children do. They need routine in their lives to feel confident and secure.  

You can find some great tips on beating doggie boredom and creating a successful routine in our Boredom article

Stress and separation anxiety
Natural instinct

If however you have a rescue puppy his chewing will be on a whole other level!

Check out our Puppy Teething article for lots of hints, tips and advice.  



Now watch our video and let the dogs tell you for themselves...!