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Your dog's inner wolf


Satisfy your dog’s natural instinct to chew with Nylabone

Dogs naturally chew to keep their teeth clean and gums healthy- before dogs became domesticated animals they had to hunt for their food and take care of their own health.  

Dogs would chew their prey in order to survive, these days our dogs have everything served up on a plate, but their natural instinct is still there and as they don’t have real prey to chew on they might hunt the house for something else! Sometimes shoes, remotes, cushions or worse still electrical wires! 

Indulge your dog’s wild side and satisfy his natural instinct to chew with Nylabone

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These days dogs are mainly bred to be mans best friend, however there are some that still have jobs to do.

  • Gundogs are bred and trained to retrieve game that has been shot or find live game whilst out on a hunt. These dogs have a fantastic sense of smell.
  • Hound dogs are bred to hunt by scent or sight. They enjoy lots of exercise.
  • Pastoral dogs are known for their herding skills, typically they have a double coat to protect them from working in poor weather conditions.
  • Terriers were originally bred to hunt for vermin, these brave dogs work both above and below ground.
  • Toy breeds are small dogs, bred as companion or lap dogs.
  • Utility dogs are of a non-sporting origin, a real mixed bunch including the Bulldog, Dalmatian and Poodle.
  • Working dogs are bred to be search and rescue dogs as well as guard dogs, this group are the real specialists, aiding humans in many walks of life.


If your dog has been working hard why not treat him to a Healthy Edible snack: