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Are you choosing and using treats correctly?


Beware the power of the treat! When coupled with a treat, behaviours will likely intensify or become more frequent whether it’s intentional or not.

If your dog knocks over your bin and spills some of the contents - you have to clean up the kitchen and take a costly trip to the vet. Your dog is ok, he's going to be fine but you still have a problem - as now everyday your dog is rummaging through your rubbish.

This is because your dog has been rewarded multiple times for an unwanted behaviour, making it harder for you to stop him.


But you can use the power of the treat to your advantage.

Choosing a treat

All dogs love a treat! While feeding your dog a treat maybe more casual than his regular meals, you should still pay careful attention to the types you buy.

Feeding treats that are unhealthy can cancel out any good ingredients he gets from his regular meals.

Looking at the ingredients list is a good start point.  Try to choose treats that are natural and have nutritional ingredients.

Nylabone natural treats are usually slightly longer lasting than some others, but they're designed to be consumed, so they won't last as long as a Nylabbone chew toy. 

Find a Nylabone edible treat for your dog.

Other treats can be used to help occupy your dog whilst you are away - these can be used in stuff chews or hidden around the house for your dog to sniff out. 

Have a read of our recipe suggestions for stuff chews.

Using treats to encourage good behviour

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