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Dog treats and chews


With so many different products to choose from. Do you know the difference?

Chews and Bones 

Bones are the perfect choice for your insatiable chewer.  Something to gnaw on—other than the furniture!

Always buy uncooked bones that are safe for your dog.  Dogs love to eat the marrow inside and gnawing on the bone is great for his gums and teeth.

Beware though, as these bones will eventually splinter and should be thrown away as soon as it begins to get brittle.

Nylabones are an excellent substitute for real bones - theyre flavoured throughout (no amount of licking will make the flavour come off) and much less messy and smelly than the real thing!

Our Nylabones are almost impossible for most dogs to destroy and provide hours of chewing pleasure without the fear of choking.

Nylabones are available in a wide range of flavours, textures, shapes and sizes - there's a Nylabone for every chewing need - find the perfect one for your dog.



All dogs love a treat! While feeding your dog a treat maybe more casual than his regular meals, you should still pay careful attention to the types you buy.

Feeding treats that are unhealthy can cancel out any good ingredients he gets from his regular meals.

Looking at the ingredients list is a good start point.  Try to choose treats that are natural and have nutritional ingredients.

Nylabone natural treats are usually slightly longer lasting than some others, but they're designed to be consumed, so they won't last as long as a Nylabone chew toy. Find a Nylabone edible treat for your dog.


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