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Teaching your dog to chew his Nylabone


Usually we’re trying to get our dogs to stop chewing, but what happens when they won’t chew what we want them to chew?

Most dogs are keen to get chomping on their favourite Nylabone, but some dogs can take a little more time to get going. 

It may be that dogs haven’t been taught how to enjoy chewing from puppyhood (this is occasionally the case with rescue dogs); and sometimes dogs just prefer to chew the off-limit items that we don’t want chewed up!


Here are a few ways to get your dog more interested in his Nylabone and developing some healthy chewing habits:

The right flavour

Just like us, dogs have different tastes and preferences and may like one flavour more than he likes another. 

So, try giving him a few different options until he finds the one he really likes best. 

Nylabone has a wide range of flavours such as –


With all these flavours to choose from, your dog is spoiled for choice!

Nylabone chews are flavoured throughout, so will not lick off and will last the life time of the chew. 

Add a little texture
Pretend you love his Nylabone!
Stay positive


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