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Playing with your dog not only gives him enjoyment and mental stimulation, it also increases the bond between you and is a great way to keep both of you fit!

There are lots of ways to play, but two favourites are:


The idea of fetch is simple – you throw your dog’s favourite toy and he brings it back to you. Repeat. Over and over and over!

It’s an easy game that you can play anywhere – living room, garden, local park or whilst walking in a safe location.


Does your dog have other ideas?!

Whilst sounding simple, some dogs have their own ideas about the rules of this game and like to chase after the toy but not bring it back!

If this is your dog, a simple trick you can try is to throw the toy for him, wait for him to pick it up and then you run in the opposite direction. He should chase after you.  Once he’s caught up with you, ask for the toy and praise him when he gives it back to you.  Hopefully, after a couple of goes, he should get the idea and play properly.

Hide & seek!

You can also find and take part in local organised activities such as:

  • Agility
  • Flyball
  • Doggy dancing
  • Tracking
  • Dog shows
  • Obedience classes

These are a great way to build on your dog’s training and socialisation as well as meeting other like-minded humans too!

To find organised activities local to you, look on the Kennel Club website.