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Ideas for filling your dog's stuff toys


Adding treats to toys can help entice your dog's interest and help keep him occupied for longer.
Fresh Fido

Banish dog breath wth the combination of our best selling dental snacks and fresh breath Nyla-Cone recipe:






1 x spoon of plain natural yoghurt

1 x diced apple

Chopped parsley

Chopped mint



  1. Roughly chop a handful of fresh parsely and another of fresh mint.
  2. Mix the herbs with the chopped apple and yoghurt into a paste.
  3. Half fill your Nyla-Cone with the paste and insert a Nutri Dent Snack, then use any remaining mixture to top up the cone.

Top tips

  • Freeze the filled stuff chew before giving to your dog.  This will then take more time for your dog to finish, keeping him busier for longer.  It's also a great treat for him to enjoy in the summer.
  • Don’t give this to your dog in a carpeted area in case it gets messy!
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